Thursday, June 2, 2011

This little guy is the clown in our Family. He is always making us laugh and we have NO Idea where he gets his personality. We are so reserved and shy and this kid is so not like that. I remember when Ava was little she would hide behind me when someone would talk to her and he is just giving random strangers five and is not scared of anything. Something new and different for our family but we really love him and his fun personality.
ha haha

Dancing Queen

I would have to say that my Miss Ava has come
a long way since she started dance when she was 2 years old. I remember how I would take her to dance and she would cry the whole entire time. Then when she would go to preform she would just stand there and cry.

Well now she is up there dancing her little butt
off. I am so proud of her.

Last night they went to a retirement home and danced. It was so sweet. You could tell that those little ones made those cute little Nana and Papa's Day.

There was a girl in her class last night that kind of got scared when she was up there and started crying and just
standing there. It reminded me so much of Ava but my little girl was up there smiling and dancing, it was a proud moment for me.

She was being so silly and kept asking me if this was a good pose.
I love their costumes this year, so cute!

Bear Lake...

We went to Bear Lake over Memorial Weekend.
It was so cold!! There was a little sunshine where the kids
got to play outside.


Blake didn't care if it was cold, he would stay outside
all day long if we let him.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Um who is being SNEAKY around here....

Note.. this is Ava's cookie that she already ate
like more then half of.

My cookie was in a bag and I got it out
to munch on and I found it like this!!
Yes I love to eat cookies where somebody has
poked and licked frosting off of it.
Ava said it was not her but those fingerprints
look a little big to be Mr. Blake ha ha.

These cookies are the best MINUS
the poking.. You better believe I still ate that baby.

Just Sewing

I have been learning how to sew from my sister in-law Gale who is
I have been lucky that she has taken so much of her time to teach me how to sew. I have a few things I have done, right now I am working on some pillows for my Mom's house that are going to be so cute that I almost want to steal them for my house.

I was having the hardest time finding a fun animal
print shirt for Ava's birthday pictures so I just decided to
sew these cute ruffles on a black shirt.

I made these to put diapers and wipes in so they would
be more organized in my bag. I also made one for my
neighbor and sister-inlaw.

My camera strap

This is the bag I made.. I changed it up a little
bit from the pattern I had because I didn't really
love the ruffle and flower that the pattern came with.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Has anyone heard of Bling Strings? I put them in Ava's hair last week and I have washed them, blow dried them, straightened then and she has even been to swimming lessons and these babies are STILL in her hair!

They are suppose to last 2-6 weeks and you can do everything with them.
Something to add a little BLING BLING to her hair.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where should I begin...

Wow they have changed a lot of things since I messed with my blog last but I think I am starting to figure it out. So I figured I would first post about the kids birthdays considering it has been a few months. My little girl turned 4 back in February lol.. am I even allowed to post about things that far back??? Blake turned 1 in March. It has been a little crazy since Brian has started school and I have had to do everything by myself.. I really don't know how single Mom's do it but they are AMAZING. Just last week I think I had a break down because my little guy was crying at me for 2 hours straight and I had done everything possible to make this kid happy or NOT but I remember saying " I just can't be a good Mom when I have to do it all by myself" Ava was like " You still are a Fantastic Mom" ha ha lol Thanks Ava. Here are some pics from there B-days.